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Queen of Kings Gala

Join us for the Queen of Kings Gala on May 22nd to honor our Warrior Jennifer retreat guests and raise money to battle metastatic breast cancer.

#WarriorJennifer King’s Retreat
We’re raising funds to start an annual retreat
for local women battling metastatic breast cancer.

Mission Statement

Queen of Kings is dedicated to increasing awareness about metastatic breast cancer to help save lives and provide support for the warriors fighting against this disease. We hold fundraisers across the Evansville/Tri-State area and are in the process of raising money to host an annual retreat for local women battling metastatic breast cancer. Please consider donating to our cause to honor the brave women like Jennifer King and to help the more than 150,000 women in the US living with metastatic breast cancer continue their fight.

Jennifer’s Story

Meet Jennifer King, wife of Shawn King and mother to four wonderful boys – Collen, Owen, Dylan, and Nolan. In 2003, while nursing Owen, Jennifer noticed a concerning lump in her breast. The doctors waited a couple of months to see if it went away, but when it didn’t, they did a biopsy. The biopsy came back clear, and she was scheduled to return in a year for a checkup.

During that time, Jennifer became pregnant with her son, Dylan, and the doctor told her to come back once she was done nursing. When she did return, the doctors quickly scheduled a lumpectomy for the following week to remove a mass of tissue that was likely cancerous.

When Jennifer went in for her lumpectomy, she discovered that she was in fact pregnant again. While this was a great blessing, it meant that she was unable to have her surgery as scheduled. The next few weeks were filled with difficulty. Jennifer was told she could not have her baby and receive treatment for her cancer.

After much thought and prayer, the family found an oncologist who was able to protect her unborn baby and treat Jennifer. During her second trimester, she underwent a mastectomy and started chemotherapy. A healthy baby boy, Nolan, was born a few months later. Jennifer was in remission until 2013.

When Jennifer’s cancer returned, it had metastasized and spread to her liver, lungs, and bones. While Jennifer fought against the cancer bravely for 6 years, she passed away on August 12th, 2019 at the age of 44.

Through all of the challenges, Jennifer faced her fight with courage, dignity, and grace. She was a light to all who knew her and her optimistic and selfless attitude in the face of cancer is an inspiration. Jennifer wanted everyone to know that life is short. You could be feeling good one day, and the next find out there is nothing more the doctors can do. Embrace life and help us continue #WarriorJennifer’s fight!